Kardashians And Wests Kick Off Season Premiere Of Celebrity Family Feud

The very first episode of Celebrity Family Feud aired on Sunday night featuring the West family against the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Team West consisted of Kanye, Kim, and Kanye’s cousins Kim Wallace, Jalil and Ricky. Team Kardashian/Jenner was made up of Kris, Kendall, Khloe, Kris’ mother Mary-Jo, their cousin Cici Bussey and family friend Jonathan Cheban.

Photo taken from Google

Photo taken from Google

Both teams were competing for a $25,000 donation to the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, but it definitely got competitive. Here were my favorite moments:

Kanye West was literally smiling ear to ear throughout the entire show and faced off against family matriarch Kris Jenner in round one. West buzzed in first to the question and got the highest point answer to a poll about Steve Harvey. His answer was “lips” and it incited applause and laughs in the audience.

Kendall's took a dig at the president when she answered “Donald Trump” when asked who she would hate to see show up at a party where everyone is naked, but it was all in good fun and everyone couldn’t help but laugh!

Another memorable answer came from Kanye when he answered to the same question. "I just told my wife, this is why we lock the door. Your kids,” he said.

Kim and Khloe showed no love as they played against each other on the show. Khloe denied Kim’s handshake when they went up against each other in round two. When Kim asked Steve Harvey if he had other families compete against each other on the show like they were, she didn’t know his family had been on the show. Khloe sarcastically said “Yea, you’re a big fan” because Kim was raving about how she was a huge fan of the show earlier in the episode. Kim then beat her sister to the buzzer and got the top answer. She fired back with “that’s what she gets for that attitude.”

At the end of the episode, the Kardashian team took home the victory, but when it was time for Khloe and Kendall to play “Fast Money” they let Kim and Kanye do it instead because they know they are huge fans of the show and have always dreamed of playing that segment.

"That's what families would do," Kendall said. The sisters were then able to forgive each other for all the teasing throughout the episode.

So although Team West didn’t win, they still got $25,000 for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in "Fast Money” and they fulfilled their dream of playing on Family Feud and had fun while doing it.

You can watch the full episode at ABC .