Kamala Harris Lying About Smoking Weed And Listening To Rap

Democratic presidential candidate, Kamala Harris admitted on The Breakfast club that she got high to Tupac and Snoop Dogg. This lighthearted statement seemed to piss a lot of conservatives off but not for the use of marijuana but for her timelines not matching up. If the Senator claims to have blazed up in college and graduated in 1986, how did she do so listening to Tupac and Snoop Dogg when they debuted 5 years after her graduation? This tiny detail still set Twitter ablaze. This is too reminiscent of when Hilary got a lot of flack during her 2016 campaign for talk about her love of hot sauce. Critics have argued that she is pandering and pretending to have listened to these California rappers while smoking to distance herself from the image of a tough-on-crime prosecutor.

“Kammy trying to be cool again…” Tomi Lahren tweeted. “@KamalaHarris says she listened to Snoop Dogg, Tupac while smoking weed in college years before they made music...” 

Even if she was hard on drugs in the past, she says she supports the legalization of marijuana now.

“I believe we need to legalize marijuana. We need to move it on the schedule so that we can research the impact of weed based on a developing brain,” Harris explained. “We have incarcerated so many — particularly young men and young men of color — in a way that we have not for the same level of use of other young men. And we’ve got to deal with that.”

Photo taken from Google

Photo taken from Google

With support for marijuana legalization continuing to grow the stigma against users is quickly evaporating. Who else thinks the conservatives are dragging this a bit?