Julia Roberts and Viola Davis to Star in Film Adaptation of Small Great Things

Yesterday, Jodi Picoult took to her twitter to announce to followers and fans that she had “a bit of news”. What was her news? Her latest novel is being made into a movie. That is, in itself squeal-worthy. However, our squeals got even louder when Picoult went on to announce that not only will there be a film adaptation of “Small Great Things” but Viola Davis and Julia Roberts will star in it.

Davis, who just became the first black woman to win three SAG Awards, seems to have been made to play a role like this. She is a master of emotion and grit and we know she will blow us away in this movie.

Jodi Picoult, renowned author of 24 novels, wrote her most important story to date with “Small Great Things”. The novel, taking place in present day, follows Ruth, a nurse in the newborn unit at a Connecticut hospital. A white-supremacist couple gives birth to a baby while she is on shift and orders Ruth strictly not to touch it. When the baby dies and Ruth is the only nurse in the room, the family sues.

Picoult told The Guardian that the story is loosely based on an experience she had in her real life. This novel addresses the problems we are still facing in America in a beautifully heart-breaking way. At a time when hatred, prejudice, and violence are at an all-time high, Picoult could not have given us a more important story.

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Her book has been praised by people all over the country and has now been optioned by Amblin Partners and DreamWorks Pictures to be made into a movie. Although a script has not yet been written, it is in the works. The movie will be produced by Marc Platt of LaLa Land and Adam Seigel.

Following the announcement, Picoult couldn’t contain her excitement and tweeted at Viola Davis saying, “THANK YOU” and we would like to say the same to her. So, hey, @jodipicoult? THANK YOU.