John Legend Puts On A Show For Some Lucky Tube Riders

The morning commute to work can be both draining, and very unorganized. Usually commuters have their cellphones to listen to music and further tune out what’s usually a mess of bodies and delays going on around them. John Legend seems to not be a fan of commuter culture as well…because he decided to make it one heck of a good time.

Photo taken from Twitter

Photo taken from Twitter

Legend took to the St. Pancras station and took his place at the piano giving a bunch of early morning commuters a surprise show! Legend played a few of his biggest hits including “Ordinary People”, “Surefire”, and “All of me”. This all happened on account of International Piano Day. The singer- songwriter even snuck in a little bit of promo for his upcoming album Darkness and Light. Legend took to his twitter teasing about his surprise performance tweeting,

"Arriving at London @StPancrasInt on @EurostarUK. Do they still have that piano there?" 

It seemed that the people in charge of the station knew it was coming as well. The twitter account for the station sent out a teasing tweet saying,

"It's International Piano Day today! We can't wait to hear all the performances on our station pianos!" the account for the train station tweeted.”

Well that is surely a way that I would like to spend my morning journey. Don’t forget to check out John Legend’s upcoming album Darkness and Light, and lets all cross our fingers in maybe this being a reoccurring thing? Come on John, give the people what they want.