Jidenna's Debut Album 'The Chief' Has Arrived

Jidenna's new album 'The Chief' drops today, February 17th and it is one album everyone should know and listen to. He had a live performance last night in New York City at the Kola House, to celebrate his release. It's been nearly two years after breaking out onto the music scene with the smash hit “Classic Man,” he is finally ready to share with the world his long awaited debut album, which has seen several setbacks since first announced back in December of 2015. The album contains 14 tracks and has a few features guest appearances from Roman, Janelle Monae, Nana Kwabena, St. Beauty, and more.

Photo taken from Esquire 

Photo taken from Esquire 

Jidenna had an interview with Vibe about the album, here's what he had to say:

“It has a range of emotions, which now a days there are definitely artists that do, but I like when I explore both the shallow and the deep end of my mind—my lowest self and my highest self,” he explained. “I try to put things together that are polar opposites. I think that’s what makes the best artists, that contrast. I emphasize different parts of myself [like] my vulnerability and my might. Some songs feel like the world is on top of me. Other times, I’m on top of the world. I highlighted the African and American sides of me, the Nigerian side.”

Jidenna performed 'Little Bit More' along with some other hits. Check out his video below.