Jess Hilarious Raises Eyebrows After Trip To Airport

Recently, comedian Jess Hilarious landed herself in hot water, or should we say hot air? The Instagram sensation turned television actress made flying more controversial than ever on her way to Nebraska. Jess took footage of herself boarding her flight and the people she drew her attention  to were later revealed to be of the Sikh religion. Men of this religion usually wear head-wraps or turbans to take care of their hair, promote equality, and preserve the identity of their religion. In today’s society most people of Muslim and Sikh religion have a target on their backs, regarding flying, because of negative connotations like the 9/11 attacks and most recently the attack at New Zealand mosque. All this is said because Jess isn't receiving any laughs from this stunt, all of social media basically has a bounty on her head.

It is reported that Jess felt uncomfortable because of the men and their appearance. She unknowingly mistook the men for being Muslim and that is basically the stem of all this madness. She took it upon herself to keep her following and onlookers updated and told the world that Homeland Security took the men off the flight before take off. Between her video and the updates many have speculated that Jess is the root of a wrongful profile and ejection off the plane.

Jess came into the social media making everyone laugh with her quick comebacks though. It was her major comeback against comedian Corey Holcomb that put her on the map. Holcomb made commentary about Hilarious’ photoshoot with her son, calling the intimate poses inappropriate. After that spat she got a job on Wild N’ Out and Holcomb hasn’t been featured on an episode ever since. Being the most recent winner of the BET’s Social Media award for the best Clapbacks, no one should be surprised on what happened next. Curse words were thrown into her 15 - 60 seconds InstaStory videos explaining her side of the story and it was not in a joking around manner.

After a constant going back and forth between online users Jess admitted to her wrong doing. She did end it with a justification of an old mentality,

“I saw four people of that caliber and I just revert back to the past.”

This latest fall out on social media solely prompts a question. Can a rising star still rise to the top? Before this incident Jess was labeled a homophobe by many social media users after an online spat, which ended with Hilarious using an f-word that can make anyone cringe. Now, can a big figure like Jess Hilarious make another big mistake like this one and walk away forgiven again?