Jazz Jennings Inspires First Transgender Doll

Sixteen-year-old, Jazz Jennings is one of the youngest people to be documented as transgender. Jennings always loved dolls and dresses and was granted the opportunity to have her own doll provided by The Tonner Doll Company. Robert Tonner, founder of the company, personally designed and sculpted the Jazz Jennings doll himself.

The doll will come with a pink shirt and jean shorts, mirroring the outfit that Jazz wears on the cover of her memoir, “Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen.”

Photo taken from fortune.com

Photo taken from fortune.com

“Jazz stands for everything I respect from a human nature point of view,” Tonner stated to CNN. “She’s incredibly brave, intelligent, warm-hearted and creative.”

The company is marketing the doll to children, instead of as an adult collectible. It has also created a red-carpet ready Jazz doll, wearing a sparkling white ballerina dress. The dolls will be available for purchase in July.

“I hope that it can place transgender people in a positive light by showing that we are just like all other people,” Jazz said.

This doll is a major step for including transgender people in toys and opening a door for transgender children, in helping them realize they are important and equal.