Is Your Zodiac Sign Professional At Work?

It’s your way or the highway, Aries. You love to take control of projects at work and you’re good at it. A born leader. You do a great job of getting people excited and motivated. But make sure you put in the effort to listen to your co-workers’ opinions. You’re not the only one on the team. 


You’re super great in the workplace environment because you’re a very financially focused sign. You would never bite the hand that feeds you (unless they disagree with you, of course.) Though you’ll never admit when you’re wrong, you will change your mind. So for the most part, you succeed in the professional sphere and I bet you know all of the best lunch spots.


You’re such a team player, Gemini! You are perfect in group settings. You ease tension and maybe even provide the comic relief to your team. And since you are the twins of the zodiac, you have a great work/life balance! You are just serious enough. You’re a fun addition to any office or workplace. 


You’re the mom at your job, I’m sure. You remember everyone’s birthday and you bring in baked goods! Basically everyone loves you because you make everyone comfortable. You tend to cry when you get angry or heated so you may find yourself holding your tongue when you need to speak up. Take a trip to the bathroom and a few deep breathes and jump right back into the convo.


Talking .gif

Another born leader over here. You like to be the center of attention whether it’s at a party or at work. You are very comfortable in a leadership role and have no issues with voicing your opinion. You ask for what you want and you communicate with a dramatic flair. Some people love you and some people hate you, but that’s life and you can live with it. You may be drawn more to creative fields.


Aw, my little, Virgo, much like in school you are the queen of group projects. You’re an overachiever and you probably low key help everyone in the office with their work and never tell anyone about it because you’re not the biggest fan of attention. But remember, you do have the deep desire for appreciation. So be careful, if you take on too much work and are not recognized for it, you may grow to resent it.


You are as fair as they come, Libra. You also make a great supervisor but not in the way an Aries or Leo would. You tend to be reserved but respected. Your work and ability to handle situations speaks for itself. You have a tendency towards passive aggression in efforts to keep your cool so watch out for that.


Any company is lucky to have a Scorpio on the team, in my opinion. You’re smart, intellectual, and dedicated to whatever you choose to invest your time in. You are hardworking with attention to detail and people take notice of your confident exterior. You have little tolerance for mistakes and once someone screws up, you never forget it. Remember, people deserve second chances and try not to hold onto grudges for too long.


Sag, you probably work freelance, or you’re an artist, own your company, or work somewhere where you can make your own schedule. Desk life is not for you, the wanderer of the Zodiac. You get cabin fever too easily. You’re full of great ideas and intuition but do not like being forced to create on demand. You’re great in a fluid workplace environment with standing desks, open space, windows, and collective brainstorming.


You’re such a freaking professional, Capricorn. You probably feel more at home at work than you do in your actual apartment. You love coming up with a great plan and you love flawlessly executing it even more. Don’t work too hard, though. You tend to work hard and then play hard. Both can get a little reckless at times. Remember to actually rest!


You’re another sign that probably isn’t about that classic 9-5 life necessarily. You are naturally drawn to service or creative fields. But since Aquariuses think so out of the box, they are assets in the corporate world. Whatever field you end up in, you will work for an organization that you believe it. If it’s not working toward the common good or creating for the masses, you won’t waste your time.


You’re one of the best communicators in the office, I’m sure. You’re intuitive and can predict what people need before they need it. On the flip side, people who cannot communicate well or refuse to see both sides of an issue will 100% frustrate you in the workplace. It’s difficult to understand why people won’t change their minds in order to progress. Take a deep breath and remember that not everyone is as open as you are.