Is Water A Part Of Your Beauty Routine?

Obviously, water is a major factor in life. But many times we forgot how essential water is in our beauty routine. A lack of water will cause dehydration. Nothing is worst than dehydrated skin, it causes blemishes and even dry lips. A healthy day should consist of eight 8oz glasses, but the more the merrier. Drinking water will not only help keep your skin glowing and healthy it can also be used to for beauty application.

Did you know that a wet beauty sponge works more effectively than a dry one? Specialists recommend that before using your beauty sponge to soak it in cold water and then squeeze. The wet sponge will swell up and absorb less makeup. This will give you a smoother application without you having to waste tons of product.

Water will not only help with your makeup but also your hair, especially natural hair. Styling dry natural hair is a huge no, no. This can cause breakage and major damage. Consider getting a spray bottle and filling it up with water and your favorite leave in. Simply spray some of your personalized hair mix evenly before styling. The mix is also great for detangling your hair. You might have to section your hair and spray more of the product. But trust me it will get the job done better than if your hair was dry.