Instagram Beauty Pages To Look For

If you’re stuck on what beauty trends are in or need beauty tips and tricks there are out there, what better place to inform yourself than on Instagram. With Instagram being so accessible and with people being as busy as they are it’s the perfect platform to look for what you need in a short amount of time. Yes, there are videos of beauty influencers showing tips, tricks, shortcuts and so forth on YouTube but, when you have a busy lifestyle you may not have the time to sit and watch a 20-minute video teaching you how to slay your hair and/or makeup.

One very well known Instagram beauty guru, who also does YouTube, is Chrisspy. Her real name is Christina and she has 3.5 million followers on Instagram.She is a makeup artist based in Los Angeles. Her platforms are Instagram and YouTube, she is known not only for her glam makeup but her incredible halloween makeup. She also works with brands such as Urban Decay.

Another well known beauty guru is Shayla Mitchell. She is known for her makeup tutorials on this platform because they are short, informative and get straight to the point. She has a following of 2.1 million on Instagram and works with brands such Maybelline and Quay Australia for sponsorship.

Kay-Lani Ross is a Florida-born beauty guru with a following of one million and is known for being real with her fan base, giving them an inside look into her family life while still maintaining the focus of makeup. She has worked with brands such as Boxy Charm and Gerard Cosmetics, and is known to do many meet-ups with fans. 

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