Incorporating Leftover Wine Into Your Beauty Routine

Whether it’s after the girl’s night pregame, a DIY wine tasting with some friends or you just couldn’t finish the bottle, leftover wine always ends up sitting in the fridge. I mean some do actually drink it, later on, some throw it out (I hope this is not you) and others just cannot seem to find another purpose for it.

Next time you have leftover wine save it because there is honestly so much you could do with it. There are year-old rumors of all the health benefits that come from drinking wine. And I mean if it is good enough to drink its good enough for your skin too, right?  Use your leftover wine as a great way to mix up your beauty routine.

Starting from your tippy toes. Mix a cup of that leftover wine with warm water for soft, flip flop ready feet. Your feet will thank you after. While you are at it, might as well treat your entire body with a wine soak. A little more water and 4-5 cups of wine should be enough to soak your body. Amongst some circles, it is believed that the fermented grapes can firm and improve the elasticity to our skin.

Your face deserves some wine love too, don’t you think. A few teaspoons of red wine and rose water act as a great toner. You can mix it up in a spray bottle or dab it on directly with a cotton ball. The mix works best fresh so only keep it for a week. You can also use your leftover wine to make a cooling mask. Cleanse your face then combine aloe vera gel with wine in a bowl. Before removing with warm water let the mask sit for 10-15 minutes for brighter looking skin. For an even bigger chill, freeze some wine in an ice cube tray overnight. In the morning after you cleanse use the ice cube to firm and wake up your face.

So if you are not drinking that leftover wine, do not wait till you have to toss it. Put it to good use and treat yourself to a wine spa day.