#HustleInBrooklyn Recap: Maybe Just A Lil’ Bit Of Time

Did you see the trailer for this week’s episode? Because I’ve been ready. Last week we left off from another good event with a bunch of mess. Azia’s man came into town and let it be very clear to Santos he is not the one. Eva drops a bomb no one saw coming, Mr. Black Rose is feeling other females besides Alicia. Whew chillay, this week is a doozie.

Black Rose moved just like we thought he would shady AF! He denied until his rose turned blue (Like what I did there? haha). Azia’s man peeps the “dude in the suit” and Azia starts explaining what the hell is going on in his Brooklyn home or should I said hotel room. Alicia and Black Rose speak on the Eva situation, trying to get some clarification. Mr. Rose does exactly what any questionable man would do, 1) say the woman means nothing 2) say that his main lady is his only lady and 3) try to validate the relationship even more with something materialistic. Well in his case, skin deep, everything was written on Alicia’s facial expression.

Dude in the suit meets up with Azia and she’s on a handshake basis. The last couple of episodes she didn’t mind giving out hugs. Now this scene Santos began to move messy as he would put it. He put his feelings on the line to explain Azia is a bad business woman.

Side Bar:

Sir, pump your brakes; when us regular people are at work and our manager congratulates us on a great performance they don’t need clarification on who we’re dating. Now I have a question, if you were Eva would you tell Alicia about Black Rose or would you just delete thread and move on?

Azia, Darnell and Santos are in the studio and at this point Darnell and Santos lack social cues. From what is portrayed in the show the relationship was professional with a hint of flirting. In no way, shape or form did Azia ever (on screen) show off vibes of getting with Santos. Now you have Darnell, Peter Gunz Jr. (if you don’t know who he is you are obviously too young) Eva has this Mr. Man in the Hat that she is crushing hard. In the end we realize he’s Lil’ Cease. Baggy who?

Eva, Danielle, Ivy, and Alicia meet up at an event in Brooklyn. Eva and Alicia discuss the Black Rose discussion once more. Well Alicia thinks Eva is fake, Eva allegedly has spoken to Black Rose more than through text, Alicia doesn’t like how Eva is always coming to her with drama (did not notice at first). Darnell’s fiance sees Danielle and starts putting pieces of this dysfunctional puzzle together. Baggy and Eva meet up and somehow some way Baggy gets friendzoned and he takes it like a champ. Darnell visits his mother and she is not having it with his lop-sided stories. She gathers him together with a classic “...or I will knock you out,” and Darnell got it together real quick. Raquel meets up with a friend and somehow Danielle is the problem of Darnell’s infidelity.


Danielle and Darnell go to Dani’s interview with Angela and the crew at Lip Service Podcast. Darnell tries to dodge the elephant on sidewalk and Dani brings it to his attention with a well manicured hand to the throat. Darnell feels some type of way and tells her he should press charges for assault. Danielle says, “Well I’m broke what are you going to do?” It was at this point I understood why she wants to be a comedian, her timing is perfect. Angela and L’orel dig into the tension that is present in the room and before you know Dani has told her whole love story with Darnell...on air, lord. This work relationship stresses my spirit; so many blurred lines, so much bad blood, so much mess. Darnell comes clean with his “work” relationship with Danielle and told his fiance that he would have to think about choosing between his family and his business relationship with an old fling. I never knew it could get this far. I’ll see you next week, I’m stressed.