How To Spend A Mental Health Day

I am a huge advocate for mental health days. Not taking a break and overworking yourself is a tempting pattern to fall into but can ultimately lead to burnout. “Burnout” is defined as “a state of chronic stress that leads to: physical and emotional exhaustion, cynicism and detachment, and feelings of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment” according to “Psychology Today”. I encourage you to take a day for yourself once every now and then. And here are some tips to help you enjoy your day to yourself.

It can be a weekend
You job may not allow you to take off. So take advantage of the weekend. Mark it in your calendar weeks before, maybe after a big presentation at work. Say no to plans that day, drop the kids off at a friend or family member’s house. You don’t need to explain. You’re busy – taking care of yourself.


Girl, if you need to sleep, just do it. If you spend half your day sleeping, good for you. You deserve it and obviously need it. Try not to feel the impulse to “be productive”. This is a time to relax.

This is a day to whatever you need to do to make yourself stop thinking. I can watch “Friends” for hours and not think of anything. Episodes I’ve already seen. I feel like everyone has a habit like this. Something you do that requires no energy. Sometimes it’s reading, writing, watching, movies, binging – whatever that is to you.

Avoid People
Does that sound antisocial? Well, challenge yourself to be antisocial for one day. Maybe even stay off social media if that doesn’t stress you out. Don’t concern yourself with anyone else’s problems.

Listen to Your Mind and Body
Just ask yourself “What do you need to feel good?” Maybe it’s working on a project that you never had the time to start. Maybe it’s some sort of physical exercise if your body needs to feel stretched. I can’t tell you how to fill your time, but your mind and body can. Once you relax enough, your mind and body will tell you what they need.