How To Romance Females By Their Zodiac Sign

What’s that “it” factor that makes all of your relationships work? It’s different for everyone based on his or her personality and temperament. Fortunately, we have the science and art of astrology to give us some insight.



You need someone motivated and supportive with a lot of energy. You move pretty fast so you most definitely need someone who can keep up with you. To not only support you in all your endeavors – but excite and inspire you!


Taurus, you need someone grounded but fun. (Shout out to ya Virgos! This is a great match.) You don’t have any patience for someone with their head in clouds. You need someone to go on adventures with but who also has that down to earth attitude you find comforting. This person should be down for travel or a weekend in bed binging.


You need someone social, spontaneous, and grounded. I know kind of an odd mix. You’re this perfect social butterfly of the zodiac so someone who can actually surprise you will make you super happy. But you’re a bad decision maker and someone who grounds you would guide you and make a great partner.


As nurturing as you are, Cancer, you need someone to nurture you right back. You love hard and you give a lot. You need someone who will accept that love with open arms and take care of you when you need it. Noncommittal signs like Sagittarius are not for you. You need a stable, loving partner.


Oh, Leo, you need someone who is going to get a kick out of you. You may not want to hear it but you can be a handful sometimes. It’s all about grand gestures for you when it comes to romance. But it’s how you show love. You want someone who will find all of your passion and dramatics endearing and irresistible.


To Little Miss Perfect, you need someone who is going to knock you right off your feet. You need a whirlwind. Find someone who is spontaneous and curious – someone who makes you question everything you thought. You love learning, Virgo, so learn from your partner. But make sure this person is willing commit to you. You may not fall often but you fall hard.


Libras, you need someone fun! You obey all the rules and have your emotions pretty organized I would guess. Takes a lot to throw you off balance. But you need someone who is going to drag you onto the dance floor. You’re the sign of partnership and probably prefer to be in a relationship. Find someone daring who will always keep you on the tips of your toes.


You need someone who is intelligent, Scorpio. You’re known to be somewhat manipulative. Not even because you mean to. You see people very easily and that’s a great strength. But you don’t want someone you can walk all over. You need someone intelligent who will match your wit and challenge you.


The free spirit, Sagittarius, you the need the perfect combination of someone who won’t weigh you down but will help you grow. You never want to feel grounded so you need someone who shares your sense of adventure but who will also show you the intimacy of commitment. They should feed your soul and expand what you think is possible.


You need someone warm and supportive. You may come across as cold and calculating and when you’re on a mission, sometimes you are. You need someone who is going support and appreciate how hard you work but someone who will defrost and relax you once you get home.


Aquariuses need someone with conviction. And someone who really cares. You don’t let on but you care a lot about the world and people around you. You do not need to end up with someone with a blasé attitude. I`f they don’t have opinions, passion, and convictions – hard pass.


You need a good communicator, Pisces. You are very in touch with your feelings and were just born with some serious emotional maturity. You have the rest of us beat. What you need is someone who is willing to talk to you about everything from your dreams to your relationship to your dog. Someone you need to pull information out of is not for you.