How To Give Yourself A Better Orgasm

Hey loves! Let’s talk about one of the most important and necessary things women’s lives: our orgasms. Okay, so maybe there’s more important things like money, a nice apartment, but an amazing orgasm doesn’t hurt anyone.

I’m a firm believer in not having to rely on a man for an orgasm (but also a firm believer that your man should/should never stop trying - to be clear). It’s 2018 and this whole jezebel, taboo stigma of women being sexual – guys, I’m just honestly over it. Women masturbate. And if you don’t, I completely encourage you to let go of your inhibitions and try it.

There are a bunch of benefits of the female orgasm, by the way. According to Women’s Health Magazine, orgasms can promote a more regular menstrual cycle. When you orgasm, you release oxytocin which gives you a ton of endorphins which make you happy.

Like you do when you work out! I’ll take my bed over the gym any day. The female orgasm is also linked to building a stronger immune system. And, of course, masturbating right before bed is a great way to fall fast asleep.

So what are some ways to achieve better orgasms without a partner? Feel free to try some of these out.

Photo taken from Google

Photo taken from Google

Touch Yourself Over Your Clothes

You ever notice how you can never actually tickle yourself? Sometimes the same goes for masturbating. If you’re having issues stimulating yourself, try over your underwear. It may give you the illusion you need that it’s someone else’s hand.

Try Clit and Penetration

Is your vibrator not working for you? It’s super hard for women to have vaginal orgasms. Try focusing on your clitoris instead of a vibrator that solely penetrates. Sure they look cool and sexy but sometimes you just need a little one for a bit of clit stimulation. And vice versa. See what works for you. Don’t stay frustrated.

Use Stimulation

Okay, I’m just going to say it: Ladies, it’s not weird if you watch porn! Like it’s not. If you need visual stimulation by all means go for it. It sucks that there’s still a stigma around this. In college, I remember I asked my friend for some orgasm advice and she recommended that a read a sexy story in the back of a Cosmo. She said that I wasn’t stimulated enough. Don’t feel guilty for using what you need to get turned on.

Treat yourself, ladies. With all the stuff we put up with, we deserve it.