How To Get Over Him

If you haven’t been enjoying your hot girl summer, you need to evaluate and ask yourself “Why?” Is it your job? Or someone you been stressing all summer?

First of all, if it has you stressed out and draining your energy, get rid of it. Understanding you have value is key to knowing what you want in your life. Would you rather invest your energy in something/someone who values you and your time or something/someone does not even see the value? We do not have solutions on how to get over your job (yet) but here are some tips on how to get over anyone who hasn’t let you enjoy your summer.

#1 Feel the negative emotions and get them out your system. Letting someone go from your life that you cared about will hurt but that’s okay. Take a day to yourself and just let it all out, cry, scream and do everything you feel would help get it out. Many times in life we just have to accept where we are at and focus on moving forward and restoring new meaning.

#2 Try something new. After letting someone go you might feel like you let a part of yourself go too. Doing something new or doing what you love could help rebuild yourself and those pieces you might have lost.

#3 Know there is always better. You might feel like you could never replace that person because “Nobody is as good” If they were so good in the first place we would not be here sis, so remember that. Marilyn Monroe said it best, “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

#4 It is now time for some reflecting. Ask yourself: Were you really happy 100% of the time? Did the relationship hinder your life in any way? Were you happy before the relationship? What annoyed you most about your partner? These questions will allow you to see that the relationship is over and it ending is not as bad as you thought.

#5 Talk it out with someone. Sometimes we need a different perspective to see things more clearly. Even just saying things out loud for someone could be extremely resourceful for you.

There is a whole world out there. Do not limit yourself because you are in a funk right now. Get up and go enjoy your hot girl summer before it is too late. I promise the vitamin D and summer vibes will be worth it.