How Black Panther Is Empowering Women

In its opening weekend, Black Panther broke records, earning a massive $235 million at the box office.

Photo taken from Google

Photo taken from Google

Fans were raving about the sci-fi film’s riveting storyline about a technologically advanced royal family in an African nation and its visually astonishing effects. But fans and critics also praised Black Panther for its strong African-American female characters. It is being called one of the biggest women empowerment films since Wonder Woman . The film has swept social media since it hit theaters with hashtags such as #WakandaForever, #WakandaCameToSlay, #WhatWakandaMeansToMe and more.

In the film, an all-female protection squad called the “Dora Milaje” and two of the nation of Wakanda’s warriors pair up for a dangerous mission to save their nation. The women are portrayed as independent, strong, powerful and extremely intelligent warriors.

A group of women being viewed as equals to or more powerful than men in the film industry is uncommon. Defying every sexist and racial stereotype of African-American women, Black Panther portrays the characters as superheros and a force to be reckoned with whose intelligence takes precedence over their sex appeal. The film empowers those to embrace their blackness, rewrite history and realize that women ARE powerful.