Homophobia Isn’t Funny: Jess Hilarious In Hot Water For Using Gay Slurs

Up next on the cancel block is Jess Hilarious for using hate speech publicly on social media! Have we learned nothing from Kevin Hart? The Baltimore comedian called a fan the F word on Instagram in response to some slight shade that may have been thrown her way.


After an appropriate amount of outrage, the “Rel” star took to social media to issue a response that left fans disappointed.

“Listen, I have NEVER been homophobic in my fucking life. I love gay people as they love me. Yesterday, I called a young man a f*ggot for disrespecting me. And for that, to the LGBT community, I sincerely apologize. However, if I feel disrespected and that someone hit below the belt, whether they are gay or not, I’m going to return the same energy. I’m trying to control my anger at this point in my career by being more positive, but just like anybody else, it’s a growing process.”

Jess also says she accepts getting canceled, but she implored people to be mindful of the hurtful things they say to others.

“If you feel as if you can’t forgive me and I am still canceled on your watch I totally understand Still Love you guys.”