Holo Taco Nail Polish Line

YouTuber Cristine Rotenberg, also known as Simply Nailogical just launched her own nail polish line called Holo Taco. The name comes from her love of all things holographic and the fact that she tends to mispronounce the word topcoat as taco. She is YouTubes most successful nail art creator with over 7 million subscribers. The line launched on July 6th with an intro video and sold out in about 2 hours. The items are now in the process of  being restocked. 

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Holo, I’m a 30-year old data analyst cat mom tea lover youtuber, would you like to buy a holo taco? 💿🌮😭 After four years of mispronouncing top coat, here I am with my own brand named after it😹 @holotaco is my holo dreams come true, it is a place where I can bring all my colourful, sparkly and exciting visions to life and to your nails💅🤠 Boring nails? It’s NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe, just add a holo taco 😏💿🌮 [🧦sock mode engaged] I wouldn’t have @holotaco or be simply nailogical if it wasn’t for you guys deciding I was a cool enough 30-year old lady to watch😭 Like I said in my video, I’m not doing this as a money grab, actually profit margins are much smaller on making holo polish than just making the kinda of YouTube videos I make😹 but I’m doing this cause I’ve wanted to give you guys something you could have, in your hands, that I created and was really proud of, that fully reflects me and what I love. It’s so cool to think we’ll all be adding the same holo tacos to our nails soon😏💿🌮... this is so exciting I cannot thank you guys enough and my emotions are beginning to malfunction I think I need a tea and a nap thank you guys so much😭💿🌮✨ We are almost sold out of everything it’s been an hour GUYS 😭💀 P.S. watch today’s YouTube video for all the details on the polishes and for more of the background on this journey🙃 #holotaco

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Her line consists so far of 5 polisheswhich are all vegan, cruelty-free, and produced in New York City. There are 2 base colors opaque black and blue, along with 3 holographic top coat polishes: scattered, linear, and flakie. The 2 base colors are priced at $11 each, while the holographic top coat polishes are priced at $13 each. The whole set is priced at $60. Although it seemed as something that was inevitable this line is something Christine has been working on for about 2+ years now. 

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In order to start focusing on her nail polish brand she stopped making nail sponsored videos as of 2017 which is when she started to think of ideas for her brand. The purpose of her Holo Taco brand is to use the holographic colors as top coats or as she would say “taco.” Although they function as top coats you should still wear a clear glossy top coat over it for that finishing shine. She is working on producing more Holo Taco polishes including  metallics, multi-chromes, and iridescent flakies. To learn more about Holo Taco you can watch this video: