Historic Moment! Asian Models Take Over New York Fashion Week

Claudia Li's Spring 2019 fashion show featured an all asian model cast. This was a monumental step forward in fashion’s diversity movement, something like this has never been done before. As an Asian designer, Li felt it was the right time to do this,

“People are starting to realize that there is diversity within the Asian group…not just a single…perspective [or] kind of beauty” says Li in a Yahoo Interview.

Photo taken from Google

Photo taken from Google

“I had maybe three Asian girls in my high school and so people always thought, you know, you’re good at math, you’re good at science, you’re smart, you don’t go out at night, said Li. “Well, guess what, I drove without a license…I played field hockey…I sang in a metal band.” At one point, Li said she ran away with a “cute surfer for a month.” A month later her dad had to drag her home.

This is beautiful to see! We need more diversity in the modeling industry.