Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Fan Is Embracing The Politician’s Signature Pantsuit

Most of today’s young girls look up to celebrities as their idols and figures of inspiration. For one little girl, she got the opportunity of a lifetime to meet her biggest idol in the form of Mrs. Hillary Clinton herself. The former presidential candidate was at a book signing for the picture book release of her 2006 published work “It Takes A Village”. Mrs. Clinton got a joyous surprise at her book signing when a little girl named Grace showed up donning the politician’s signature pantsuit in a mini version. 

Photo taken from Twitter 

Photo taken from Twitter 

Clinton’s most recent release “What Happened” has been killing it in sales, recently becoming the highest selling non-fiction book in the last five years. Clinton was more than excited to see Grace’s display, and even went on to acknowledge it through her Twitter account saying,

“Great to be back in Brooklyn sharing #ItTakesAVillage with readers of all ages!”

Little Grace even dawned the politicians signature pearls to complete the ensemble! Looks like we may have a future powerful female figure in the works for little Miss Grace.