Helpful Traveling Tips For A Smoother Trip

Every two years or so, I always get that feeling of wanderlust. Just an ache to visit someplace new, see some sights, a yearning for a change of pace. I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to save and book an affordable trip somewhere you’ve never been. Here are some steps you can take to turn your travel dream a reality.


Take a few months to save for your trip. A trip is not an excuse to get yourself into credit card debt. No matter how badly you want to go. Decide when you want to book the trip and then save months in advance. Make your own coffee, don’t buy another new shirt from Urban Outfitters, or maybe even pick up a few freelance gigs for extra cash.


Don’t freak out. Hostels are not like the movies. I promise. I’ve stayed in many a hostel before and always had pleasant experiences. But you have to do your research. I suggest: It gives you the hostels’ rating, photos, amenities, and reviews. And hostels are the place to stay if you’re traveling. $30 a night – you can’t beat that!

Get a Eurail Pass

This is a great investment if you’re planning to travel across different countries in Europe. You pay for a train pass that includes the countries you want to travel in. Definitely cheaper than buying individual tickets if you plan on seeing a lot of different countries.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

I can’t tell you how important it is to stay organized when planning to travel. Make an itinerary for yourself. Figure out exactly where you want to go and figure out the best way to move throughout once you get there. Where will you start? What’s the first sight you want to see? Especially important if you’re traveling between countries. Figure out where is the cheapest to fly to and work from there.

Anyone traveling anywhere soon? Any tips you suggest?