Helpful Tips For Sticking To That Diet, Girl!

Staying on a diet is hard. I know everyone tried to get their butt in shape right after New Years but I actually feel it pretty hard right now, just in time for the spring weather to hit. So when you’re missing the sugar and popcorn like me, here are some ways to get you through your diet successfully and happily.  

Set a Date!

Gif taken from giphy

Gif taken from giphy

Dieting with no end goal in sight can be kind of depressing. And I don’t think it’s really healthy to make a number on a scale your goal. Instead, set a date! Say, “I’m going to cut carbs for three weeks.” After three weeks, check in with yourself and reassess. Did this work for you? What did you like about it? And also reward yourself with cake!

Replace Carbs with Fats

If you’re really craving salt (because I always do), try to incorporate healthy fats into your diet. You’ll have that satiated feeling of eating a bag of potato chips. So try a tablespoon of olive oil and a little salt on kale and make kale chips. Kale is a super food so you’re gonna actually be getting some nutrients and satisfying your craving.

Halo Top - God Bless

Gif taken from giphy

Gif taken from giphy

This is not a sponsored post for Halo Top ice cream, I swear. It has only 280 calories a pint! You can legit eat the whole thing. They use organic stevia which is what makes it sweet. It actually tastes great. The texture isn’t creamy as regular ice cream but it will satiate your sweet tooth for sure.

Quit Snacking Before Bed

Guys, did you know that when you get a craving late at night – you’re body is actually just tired. Like you should go to sleep. Your body starts craving food late at night because it needs more to keep you functioning. This like blew my mind. So if you can, drink some water or seltzer and hit the sack.

Reminder friends! You are beautiful at any weight and I truly believe that. If you are dieting, I hope it is for the reason of feeling healthier and stronger. The outside isn’t what matters – it’s our health, both mental and physical. xoxo