HelloTittie’s Healthy Habits!

Why is our physical health always the first thing that falls to the wayside when we’re under stress? Why do we eat that food that makes us bloat? Why do we binge drink and then break out? Why do we think that not missing work is more important than going to the doctor when we’re sick? I think we really forget how important it is to take really good care of our bodies.

In a world that’s finally placing an emphasis on self-care these days – which is ABSOLUTELY a good thing – we tend to forget the importance of our physical health. It’s not even about keeping fit; it’s even more important than that. It’s really about investing in practices that allow our bodies to function best so we can live our damn best lives.

Here are some healthy habits to incorporate into your daily routine. They’re easy and simple and will keep your bodies happy, healthy, and functioning.

Photo taken from Pinterest

Photo taken from Pinterest

Stay Hydrated

Oh my gosh, I’m literally the worst at this! This is one thing that I always forget and must be super conscious of. Dehydration is like a low-key evil. It sneaks up on you, causes headaches, makes your skin super dry, increases tiredness, and results in loss of attention span. Carry a water bottle with you and try to always keep it filled – so you remember to drink.

Use Face Soap


If you are not using face soap when you’re washing your face, then start! And if you’re not washing your face at all, then start! You have no idea how much dirt and oil you pick up just from living your life. Your face is sensitive so use a product that is softer on your skin. Wash that dead, dull skin off your face and keep your skin glowing. We don’t need anymore breakouts.

Get Enough Sleep


If you’re tired, like go to sleep. I know we all have a million things to get done but try to get enough sleep. And for sure, people function differently and require different amounts of sleep in order to function to their best ability. (I mean, I’m an eight-hour girl.) Listen to your body; you know how much you need.

Pay Attention to What You Eat

Gif taken from giphy.com

Gif taken from giphy.com

I’m not saying don’t eat donuts, that’s so not what I’m saying. But I am saying to really pay attention to how different foods affect your body. Some foods may leave you feeling bloated, some may make you break out, some may give you a ton of energy. Figure out what makes you feel the best and let that be the foundation of your diet.

Let’s thrive, ladies!