Hellotittie Tips To Saving Time In The Morning And Still Look Cute!

I am the queen of wanting to look cute and also getting as much sleep as I possibly can. Here are some of my hacks to maximize your sleep time without sacrificing your look.

Do your hair the night before
I swear by this. Now I am white and have very straight hair. So often times I’ll curl it with an iron the night before. And then sleep on it and brush it out in the morning. I usually get a nice relaxed look. Depending on your hair, try to style the night before and see if your look will last to the am. Definitely worth the try.

Wear sunglasses into the office


I will always do my makeup in the bathroom at work in the morning. I will walk into the office with sunglasses so no one suspects anything. Go right to the bathroom and do your routine. Keep in mind my every day makeup routine takes about 7 minutes. So if you have 10 minutes to spare before heading to your desk, take advantage of the time and do your makeup.

Pick Out Your Outfit the Night Before
I'm sure this is something your mom used to tell you before school. But I stand by this. I will try on clothes before I go to sleep. So you know what’s clean and available to wear. Save yourself the stressful “I have nothing to wear” situation in the morning that will make you late. I also sleep better knowing what I’m going to wear the next day.

Check the weather

Photo taken from Pinteres

Photo taken from Pinteres

I know this one also seems pretty simple but check your weather app the night before. Know what you’re dressing for. Pack your umbrella. No one wants to get caught in the rain. Know when it’s going to be an unusually chilly day. Especially since we’ve been having 70 degree days followed by 40 degree mornings. You don’t need to be running back into your apartment to change because you’re freezing or can’t find your winter coat. I also believe when you don’t dress for the weather, you don’t look cute – you look uncomfortable.