Hellotittie Tips: Sprucing Up Your Resumé

I think writing a compelling resumé is one of the hardest things to do. You have to shine through all the other applicants while selling yourself on a single sheet of paper. Here are some simple tips to help your resumé stand out.

  1. Integrate Critical Keywords. Always make sure to be speaking the language of the business or field you want to get into. Recruiters are looking for qualified candidates that understand and are current in the business/field. They do not want to hire someone who they have to sit down and explain the basics to, so make sure you know your stuff, well as much as you can.

  2. Showoff Your “Wow Factor”. The top things you want your employer to know should be at the top of your resumé. Also, think about it, who are you? What makes you special? ( “Bilingual Media Communication Student” or “Award-Winning Social Media Manager”) Then, explain the past roles and what you did in them that have built you into who you are today in one powerful statement.

  3. They Just Want The Juice Not The Fruit. You know how when you are making fruit juice you throw away the excess fruit meat? That is exactly what you want to do with your resumé. You want to fast word the crucial parts in your experiences. Using words like “responsible for” or “duties include” can dilute power of the your resumé.

  4. Make It Skimmable: Short paragraphs of three or four lines works best. Also, white space is good for providing “breathing room” in between sections or paragraphs. And make your contact information pops a so that busy hiring managers can find you easily.

Now with these four tips, do you think you’re ready for your next opportunity? If so let them know you are here to shine with your bomb ass resumé.