Hellotittie Girl Talk: Is Having Life Figured Out Necessary

I had a conversation the other day where a friend of mine and I realized we never saw our lives past a certain age. My certain age was 25. I planned out my whole life until I was 25 and didn’t see past that, what makes this more hilarious is that the things I had planned out never happened as planned, but that’s life. In my teenage mind I was going to finish undergrad at 21 finish grad school at 23 be married by 25 with at least one kid. Well let me tell you something none of that happened. I am now about to be 28 and I just graduated undergrad, am single and have no kids. But I believe that’s okay.

The purpose of life is to keep discovering what you want in life and who you are. Just because you wanted something at one point in your life doesn’t mean you need to still want that thing a week, month or year from now. One thing I find that help with the insanity of not having things done on time or doing what you want when you want is having a planner but also know you need to be flexible with your plan. Not everything will go as planned because things might get in the way, or you might end up realizing it’s not what you want. Take college for instance I legit went to 4 different colleges and have both an associate’s and bachelor’s degree in two different fields. I changed my major more times than I can count but I still graduated with honors both times.

The same can be said about finding your dream job, or making a lifestyle change, it doesn’t always happen the way you want but just because you don’t see the end in view, or you mess up that doesn’t mean give up. That just means you need to have patience and let things fall into place. At this moment I have new goals, but I’ve learned not to set a date for when I want to have my goals accomplished. I just do what needs to be done and see how things are turning out while adding new dreams and goals to my life. Just live day by day doing what you want to do, and you will see your dreams blossom.