Healthy Post Holiday Habits! Feel Great After The Holidays

I don’t know about you but I’m kind of exhausted from the holiday season. And right now we’re in that weird period where time seems to stop between Christmas and the New Year. So while I’m in the flux and prepping for 2018, here are some healthy habits I’m sneaking into my routine.

Working Out

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I’m actually exhausted from eating this holiday, not to mention drinking at all of these holiday parties. I’m sugar-ed out. I feel like my body is telling me that I need to work out. Not even in a New Year’s resolution kind of way but in a “things have finally calmed down and I have time” kind of way.

New Years Sales

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I know our bank accounts are probably depleted by now but it if you have the funds or a little Christmas cash saved up, hit up your favorite store before New Years Day. My Gmail account promotions folder is insane and it’s telling me everything I love is 60% off. I may do a little shopping for a little bit of self-care. You treated everyone else this holiday season – you deserve it too!

Hydrate & Skin Care

After Christmas, I always feel consistently bloated and dehydrated. This year is no different - let me tell you. So I’m making a conscious effort to drink tons of water. Just trying to flush out my system. And I’m drinking a ton of peppermint tea because it de-bloats you and it’s delicious. Also tis the season to do facemasks. I mean I don’t think that’s actually a song but I’m definitely starting it. My favorite is the Sephora collection’s Rose facemask. All the hydration is glorious.

Catch Up with Friends

If you have the time before everything gets insane again and January somehow brings back all of your responsibilities, make an effort to get in touch with some friends you haven’t seen in awhile. Maybe have a quiet night in. If you have the time, savor it.