Having A Support System Goes A Long Way, We Should Support Each Other

I recently wrote about how we shouldn’t compare ourselves to other people in the age of social media. I challenge you to take it another step forward. Truly allow yourself to be happy for someone else. Social media surrounds us with fake news and people’s online personas force-feed us their pseudo successes. However, I think that this makes honest triumphs and original content even more special if you can find it.

Sifting through selfies and scanning through magazines, I try to find meaningful content that I connect with. I’ve learned to tune out the click bait and fill my feed with content that resonates with me. That could be a poet I like, an artist I follow, a friend I support – success that doesn’t make you jealous but encourages you to want to succeed as well.

Here comes the next step, when I see or hear of a person doing well or something that they created made a positive impact on me, I’m sure to tell them. I’ve been making it a habit both online and IRL to tell someone that I appreciate their work or that I am proud of them if I feel that way.

high five.gif

I think we constantly appreciate the people around us. But more often than not we don’t actually tell them. We think great things and smile to ourselves but we don’t share those feelings. I think it takes great courage to tell someone that they affected us. It’s personal and it’s vulnerable.

But I think we should start trying. If you liked an article you read online, tweet at the writer and thank them for sharing. If a friend posts that they got a promotion, personally congratulate them. Text, call, tell them in person! Don’t just leave a comment along with the dozens of others. If someone you know is crowdsource fundraising for a project you believe in, don’t just donate – share the cause with your followers.

We must support each other. If people are doing good work, they deserve to know that their hard work affected you. It’s like paying it forward. I believe good work brings good work. It’s time to start featuring the good that’s happening today, not just highlighting the bad. Our culture is what we make it. Good work merits attention. Let’s give it the attention it deserves and encourage more of it. Let’s start a new cycle, shall we?