Hairstylist Rise Up Against Domestic Violence

Here’s another reason why you’ll love taking a trip to the salon! A new state rule, taking effect on January 1st, recognizes that the relationship between hairdressers and their customers are unique and may help curb domestic abuse and sexual assault.

The law governs that the cosmetology industry should require salon workers to take one hour of training every two years to recognize the signs of abuse and assault and will provide them with a list of resources, which they can refer clients to for help. Without the training, cosmetologists in Illinois will be unable to renew their licenses.

The spirit of camaraderie in hair salons inspired the rule. For some women, salons can be a safe space, where they can sit among other women, lower their guard and confide about life as their hair is colored, braided or their nails trimmed and painted.

This latest law takes a big step towards the empowerment of women and providing safe spaces for everyone.