Get Your Summer Body Right! Fit Fitness Into Your Routine

Guys, legit, I’ve been actually having an issue with fitting fitness into my weekly routine. And I have come to a point in my life where I actually like exercising. (I know! Who would have thought this would ever happen?) But when you’re working a lot and have your passion projects on the side, where can we find the time to devote to working out?

After a month or so of a pretty sporadic workout schedule, I developed some hacks that work for me.

Yoga in the Evening

I know when you get home at the end of the day, the last thing you want to do is work out. Once I’m in for the night, my productivity goes out the window. I’m all like, “I’ve done enough today.” But doing a bit of yoga at the end of the day is actually a great way to unwind and get a good core workout in that doesn’t feel overly strenuous. Do it in the comfort of your own apartment. Stretch what you need.

Take a Lunch Break

If you’re going to take an hour for lunch anyway, eat lunch at your desk while you work and then take the hour and go to the gym or a class near your job. It will probably improve productivity as well if you insert a quick workout in the middle of a long day of sitting down at your desk.

Go Straight to the Gym

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Like I said before once I get home, I’m basically done with life. So to combat that attitude, as soon as I leave work, I’ll just go straight to the gym. I have that “Oh, I’m so happy I’m out of work” high still going, leaving me with just enough energy to hit the gym before I reach that evening lull.

Take Advantage of Your Weekends

I know weekends are supposed to be a break but taking care of your body by exercising is a great way to feed your body. If you find yourself really too exhausted to workout during the week, set aside time on both Saturday and Sunday to get some really good workouts in and get your heart pumping.

What do you guys do to stay active on a busy schedule?