Game of Thrones Finally Announces It’s Release Date

Winter has been coming for as long as any of us can remember and unfortunately it’s coming a little later than most of us would prefer. HBO’s smash hit Game of Thrones has been a staple of primetime television ever since it’s debut back in 2010, and has developed one of the biggest fan bases that any of us have ever seen. The world has fallen in love with the timeless characters that have continued to keep us all glued to our screens ever since the beginning.

A Facebook livestream provided all us fans with what we’ve been anxiously awaiting for months, the season 7 release date. A big block of ice during the stream unveiled that July 16 will be the day when we finally can all return to the land of dragons and see what's to come next. This is a lot later than recent seasons as they usually would start around early Spring in the months of March or April in the past. The reason for the later then usual release date could be due to the series announcement last year of the next two seasons having less than episodes than usual. This being because of the official ending of the series approaching faster than we all would like. Although it may not be as soon as most of us would prefer, it surely is exciting to finally know when we finally will be able to witness what the Seven Kingdoms has in store for us!