Gal Gadot As ,Wonder Woman, A Superhero You Should Know!

Playing the biggest female superhero in one of the biggest summer blockbusters is no easy task. Luckily, Gal Gadot fits the job perfectly.

The actress, best known for her previous role in the Fast & Furious series, felt the pressure that comes along with playing Diana Warrior Princess.

 Photo taken from taringa

Photo taken from taringa

Gadot told People, she felt “privileged that [she] got the opportunity to portray such an iconic strong female character. [She] adore[s] this character and everything [Wonder Woman] stands for--love, compassion, acceptance and truth.”

Gadot first appeared as Wonder Woman in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and has earned her first standalone film, directed by Patty Jenkins. However, before Godot’s path to fame she was in the Israeli army for two years, serving as a fitness instructor.

Afterwards, she competed in the Miss Universe pageant in 2004, which lead to her steamy photo shoot for Maxim magazine.

Gadot also has two daughters and they’re part of the reason she’s so proud to play Wonder Woman. She’s hoping to set an exam of what powerful women look like.

Wonder Women is set to hit theaters this Friday, June 2nd..