Fun Things To Do In The Fall

It is September and Summer is officially coming to an end. Most people would think, ‘There goes all the fun,” but I personally love the fall. For one thing it’s not so hot which will make it easier to enjoy yourself without getting uncomfortable from the heat. When thinking about the fall many would think there isn’t much to do, but I am here to tell you, there are many things you can do in the fall and on top of that they can be affordable.

Aside from the one thing most people look forward to (drinking or eating anything pumpkin spiced, and don’t hate me but I’ve never had anything pumpkin spiced in my life) there are things to do that can cater to your needs whether that be something outdoorsy or not. If you do like being outdoors and being one with nature but don’t want to go outside of NYC you can go walk around either prospect or central park, which look absolutely stunning in the fall.

If you want to go apple or pumpkin picking there are farms such as Green Meadow Farm in Queens, NY where they have pumpkin picking and hands-on time with the animals for both adults and kids. You could also go to the Queens County Farm Museum for your picking needs. If you’re more an indoors person maybe take a trip down to Brooklyn Brewery where you can drink a couple of beers and chill.

If beer isn’t your thing but you want to drink and eat, try Miranda’s Italian bar and Restaurant in Brooklyn where they have dishes that are inspired by fall. If you don’t partake in alcoholic drinks but like the ambiance you can try a mocktail bar where you get the pretty drinks sans alcohol. One mocktail bar that is sort of known is gateway, where their motto is 0%. On their website it is stated that they are committed to, “Providing delicious drinks and a comfortable experience without the alcohol.”