Break Up With Boring Workouts: Fall In Love With These 4 Unique Exercise Classes

Exercise is crazy important. It keeps your blood moving, works your muscles, releases endorphins, and changes your body for the better. If you haven’t found an exercise routine you love, consider trying something new, something that will captivate your mind and body more than a daily jog. A perfect solution to escaping exercise boredom is to try a unique exercise class that also teaches you a new skill set! 

One of these four classes could easily turn out to be your exercise soulmate and have you looking forward to your weekly workouts instead of dreading them. You won’t know if you don’t give one of them a whirl!

Pole Dancing:

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This sexy exercise class teaches you how to work the pole like a pro while also strengthening and toning your muscles. Take some fun tricks home to your hubby, feel empowered by your strength and sensuality, and be able to boast a fun new skill!

Aerial Silks:

If you are attracted to the graceful movements of Cirque du Soleil acrobats, this could be the exercise class that inspires you to be an acrobat in your own city! Sometimes referred to as “flying yoga” because of its similarity to floor yoga in core strength and balance, this is an exercise choice that will help with all aspects of your health. 

Belly Dancing:

Looking for something a bit more exotic? Try belly dancing! It is a hardcore workout and a dance skill you can show off at parties, at the club, or even at home. It is an insanely fun hour of flirty dancing and cardio. Doing this every week could lead you to that flat belly you’ve always dreamed of!


If you want to channel some aggression or just show off your girl power, consider taking boxing lessons or cardio-boxing exercise classes! Punching things can release a great deal of stress and is also an insanely effective way to burn calories. You will get a full body workout and leave the gym feeling like a badass.