These Four Stress-Relieving Habits Will Save Your Mind

Being a boss lady in today’s world comes with its drawbacks. We are all stressed out. We constantly battle worries about our appearances, our careers, our relationships, our finances, and our futures. Oftentimes, we can cycle into madness because of our worrying and obsessive thinking. Taking a few moments each day to practice these four stress-relieving habits could keep you from spinning out of control with anxiety.

Drink Hot Tea
Treating yourself to a hot cup of tea can help loosen up the tenseness gathered in your chest and shoulders. Specifically, green tea contains healthy antioxidants and theanine, an amino acid that chills out your nervous system. After a stressful day, just curl up under a big fluffy blanket with a good book and your calming cup of tea. Trust me, it’s a great go-to strategy for self-soothing.

Taking a moment to make your body move can have a tremendous effect on overall health. Circulating your blood and releasing endorphins can also pull your mood out of the gutter, which can lead to less stress and more of a proactive attitude. If you’re feeling stressed, go for a short jog, do a quick set of twenty jumping jacks, or do a few yoga poses to set your frame of mind back into a peaceful and productive place.

Indulge the senses! Specific smells, like lavender and peppermint, can help bring immediate stress relief. Lighting a candle, smothering your skin in some nice-smelling lotion, or lighting incense in your work space can help put you in a less wired state and clear your mind of clutter.

Hot Bath
Get a great bath bomb, fill up your tub and let your worries dissolve in hot water and bubbles. Nothing is quite as stress relieving as soaking in warm water, but we might not always have time to indulge in such a luxury. If you’re pressed for time, washing your face and neck in warm water can help bring your frantic mind back down to earth.