Five Halloween Movies You Should Watch During Halloween

One of my favorite holidays ever is coming up next week and I already have three costumes ready for HalloWeekend. But until then I will be pregaming with my favorite Halloween movies. Here are some movies you should watch.


Every time my friends and I played make believe in fourth grade, I always chose to be Marnie Piper. Teenager who didn’t know she was a witch, Grandma Aggie’s endless bag of candy, a town full of Halloween? The best. And of course the beautiful and talented, Debbie Reynolds. An icon.

Friday the 13th (1980)

The original! The 80s cheese, the classic horror movie tropes, the on the nose dialogue, the perfect screams, the origin of Jason. It’s just a classic. Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake.

The Shining

Johnny .gif

This movie is legitimately terrifying. I guess it’s not really a Halloween themed movie but it always gives me the creeps no matter how many times I see it. There’s nothing scarier than someone losing their mind.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

If you don’t watch this every Halloween season, did you even celebrate Halloween? Tim Curry in a corset, Susan Sarandon at her best, the call outs, the DAMNIT JANET, the music. It brings out the kink in all of us. And this movie truly created a community that promotes inclusivity and acceptance. See if there’s a showing at your local movie theatre!

Hocus Pocus

This is my favorite Halloween movie and quite possibly one of my favorite movies of all time. It takes place in Salem. You follow Max Dennison, who 7 year old you totally had a crush on, as he lights the black flame candle. And you ask your parents what a “virgin” was. And then you get to watch Bette Midler, SJP, and Kathy Najimy kill it as the Sanderson sisters! AND there’s a talking cat who you also had a crush on?! This movie is perfection. Hands down. A Halloween must watch.

I hope you enjoyed these Halloween movie anthology. Share your favorites in the comments and I’ll add them to my queue. Happy Halloween!