Fat Girls Dance And Dove Team Up For A Beautiful Message

Here’s why 'Fats Girls Dance' is so radical and so important (and yes! that is their name). The assertion that fat girls do dance quiets a ton of assumptions and stigmas based on what plus-size people can and cannot do.

Cathleen Meredith, a self-proclaimed “fat girl”, knows the importance of dancing while people are watching. Meredith is the subject of the first video in an anticipated collaboration between acclaimed producer Shonda Rhimes and Dove, named Dove Real Beauty Productions.

The series highlights real women redefining beauty. Meredith redefines beauty with the empowerment of plus women through her brainchild Fats Girls Dance. Meredith started Fat Girls Dance in August 2016, pledging to post a video of fats girls dancing every single week for a year. Meredith calls the choreographed dance series a “radical act of fearlessness.”

Photo taken from madamenoire.com

Photo taken from madamenoire.com

Her mission for Fats Girls Dance was to establish visibility to the joy of plus-size women, and challenge ideas that fat women aren’t active, talented, or sexy.