Eye Trends From Euphoria

For the past eight weeks the HBO series Euphoria has been the “must see show”. It features an awesome cast including Zendaya, who plays the main character Rue.  Without giving any spoilers the sick plot follows the lives of Rue and her high school peers. What is even sicker than the plot is the eye makeup.

Best friends Rue and Jules were killing it with wearing different colors, stickers and glitter to decorate their eyes. Although, the other girls like Maddy and Kat have shown off their own style through eye makeup. It is interesting to see how you can learn from each character and how they further developed through their eye makeup. Jules is my favorite character to follow actually.

Jules character is one of the real ones in the show. She is a great example of the struggles behind being “true to oneself”. In todays society especially it is tough to be true to yourself without somebody having a negative thought about it. Jules makeup is fun and very expressive with tons of color and glitter. She even experiments with different shaped eyeliner and geometric face stickers, it is all very cool. If you wanted to try some eye makeup like Jules the summer is the perfect time. Pick your self up a colorful pallet, different color eyeliners and a variety of body stickers. Do not be afraid, the bolder, the louder, the better.