Exciting News! Cardi B Returns To Instagram And Drops A New Music Video

If your intention is to marry Cardi B, tread lightly and maybe have your last will and testament prepared. In her new “Be Careful” video, Cardi takes a slow walk down the aisle (borrowing some Beyoncé wind) to meet her man at the altar.

'Be Careful' is the fourth single off Cardi's album "Invasion of Privacy", it's also a warning to cheaters out there, and Keith Carlos, her co-star in the video thinks the following message will resonates with fans,

"Everybody goes through a hard time in a relationship," he told TooFab. "When she was saying the words, I felt like she was talking to me. It just resonated with me and some of my relationships in the past. It's like, 'Wow, this is like real.' So, a lot of people can relate to it and a lot of people also seen the 'Kill Bill' movie, so when they see that theme it also resonates with them."
Photo taken from Google

Photo taken from Google

Cardi B shot this video while she was 5-months pregnant, and Keith Carlos says Cardi B will be a very "cool" mom stating,

"She gonna be that cool mom that everybody wants, really interact with her kids and have fun with them," he said. I think she’s gonna to be very interesting and cool mom. I wouldn't mind having Cardi B as a mother."

She also reminder her fans a few hours later by posting various platinum and gold hits with the caption, “CAUSE I EARNED IT !!!” She came back on Instagram playing no games.