Dream Dolls Shows The Boys How To End A Rap Beef

Tory Lanez recently felt in his spirit to troll the world. Well while trolling he stumbled across the wrongs one including former Love & Hip-Hop cast member, Dream Doll. She took to her SoundCloud to set the record straight on a couple things Tory and other male rappers said in the past few days.

Just imagine you’re minding your business and then two guys having their own lyrical beef drag you into it. Well thankfully you’re a rapper as well and you have a SoundCloud account with a decent following. All you need is a mic and a computer. Voilà, on January 29th Dream Doll showed the boys that she can play too with her diss track to Tory Lanez, “On Ya Head.”

Tory started this mess when he dropped his diss to rapper Don Q, “Don Queen”. These were the lyrics that rang off of Doll’s ears,

“You paid Dream Doll for a feature to get the pussy.” Lanez proceeds to try to throw direct verbal shots at Q but Dream gets hit in the crossfire, “And somehow you think you fuckin' with me/The first night I seen Dream Doll I fucked her for free.”

This all took place on Monday January 28th. Doll took her time and responded back 24 hours later with a well written track for the head of the problem. All puns intended.

Photo taken from Instagram

Photo taken from Instagram

Dream Doll rapped over 50 Cent’s “I'll Whip Your Head Boy” to her song called, “On Ya Head.” She brought up her interaction with Lanez and their one night fling. She said,

“The same night I met Tory, had him eating my box.” Then proceeds to give Tory the work he needed, “Eating my ass and try to suck my feet through my socks/Don't ever say my name on a record, you tryna get props?/'Cause the day I feel disrespected, I make you my opps.”

Doll made it very clear to Lanez; don’t start anything, won’t be anything.