Demi Lovato vs. Everyone On Twitter

This weekend has been bizarre. Rappers have been arrested for acts that don’t match their character. One rapper, 21 Savage, was arrested then detained by ICE for being a UK national with an expired traveling visa. That is not the end. With the internet doing what it does best, making a joke out of this bizarre headline, rappers were using social media to express how they felt about the arrest. In the midst of jokes and hashtags pleading for freedom Demi Lovato was thrown in the mind your business pile with three hours. Like I said before, bizarre weekend.

Demi Lovato has probably been pinned everyone’s favorite once. She has transitioned from Disney star to pretty good pop singer over the years. In between that transition she has battled drug addiction and depression, but from the public’s side she has still been a fan favorite. Well after one tweet on February 2nd her fan fave population dropped a little.

As you read before, the whole internet was in on the 21 Savage jokes and memes. It took Lovato’s commentary for the whole internet world to stop. Wale Folarin made it be clear she was to not speak on Savage’s downfall because it was not a laughing matter. Don’t mind Folarin, he was on a roll after Tomi Lahren’s commentary. But his energy transferred quickly as men from the industry spoke directly and indirectly about the case at hands.


Besides Savage’s manager and Cardi’s husband telling Demi she was wrong, you had Tory Lanez come to her rescue and tell the people no Lovato slander will be tolerated. Sir, I doubt she needed your help because Dream Doll is a bigger threat in the industry right now.

Within what seems like a three hour time lapse Demi Lovato went from tweeting freely, to defending herself, then deactivating her account. Don’t worry you know people screenshot the whole thing for times like this. But she went to Instagram to plead her case one more time. This is definitely the icing on the cake for one wild weekend.

Photo taken from Instagram

Photo taken from Instagram