Dear Makeup Addicts, You’re Welcome!

Colourpop Cosmetics released 15 new powder pressed shades for Valentine’s Day! If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, Colourpop is a British makeup company that sells lipsticks, pressed powders, eye shadows and more at an affordable price! They offer free shipping to the U.S. in purchases of 50 dollars and up. The new shades include fresh peach, pink, gold and green colors with highly pigmented metallic pops. *All photos were taken from*

Introducing the latest shades:

Pep Talk is a metallic pressed powder with an icy peach edge that’ll give you a boost of confidence.

Outta Luck is a matte pressed powder that’ll leave you feeling anything, but lucky. This light, soft peachy color will brighten your day.

The News is another matte pressed powder that’s warmly pigmented, you don’t even need glasses to see that rose color.

Play by Play is a metallic pressed powder that’s a mix of peach and a green gold flip.

Time Out is another stunning metallic powder that’ll stop you in your tracks, with a lovely peach/pink flip.   

Game Changer is an icy moss metallic pressed powder that’s anything but subtle.

Checkmate is a seafoam green matte pressed powder that will leave you killing the game.

Team Captain is a medium olive matte pressed powder that’ll capture your heart.

Sideline is a bold eggplant/green flip metallic pressed powder that’ll steal center stage.

Up and Up is a metallic pressed powder with no downsides to the teal/green flip.

Dreamboat is a dusty rose matte pressed powder that’ll have you daydreaming.

Pretty Cruel is a tortuously smooth berry mauve matte pressed powder with gold flecks.

Bouquet Toss is a radiant metallic pinky peach pressed powder that you’ll be dying to catch.

Flowerboy is a matte pressed powder that’s an engaging hot peach pink.

Say I Do is a baby pink matte pressed powder that’ll make anyone’s heart skip a beat.

If these pressed powder shades made you love Valentine’s Day more than your Valentine, be sure to check out!