Curvy Model, Hunter McGrady’s Body-Positivity Movement Is Inspiring Women

Hunter McGrady is a model that you should keep on your radar. This plus size model, at just 23-years-old, is signed to Wilhelmina and has booked campaigns with Lane Bryant and Sports Illustrated. McGrady wasn't always a plus size model, when she first came on the scene she was a size two. She was unhappy with the way she looked, so she decided not to conform to the industries standard of beauty. In an interview with Teen Vogue, she talks about body positivity.

"It wasn't healthy at all. I wasn't eating, I was working out for hours a day. I just knew that wasn't where my natural body sat at. I had hips, and I had bigger thighs. And between the break I took from 16 to 19, I grew into the body that I knew and I felt comfortable that I was supposed to have. And I was happier, I was glowing. I had stretch marks from growing and my hips getting bigger, and I had cellulite, and I had all of these things. When I was a size 2 I was gaunt; I was very, very thin and unhappy, and I had depression and it was just a very unsatisfying lifestyle." 

She continued saying, 

"I would love to just continue the message of body-positivity and loving yourself and loving your body and knowing that you're worthy of everything. Everything is available to you, and I just want people to hopefully feel confident, feel empowered that they can go out and everything is available to them."

This model may have embraced her new body, but don't you dare call her plus size. Even though the term is a way for brands to categorize models and clothes to people, McGrady hopes that one day the industry will stop categorizing models as plus size. She'd prefer if you just called her a model instead. Recognizing that she is just a model and not different than other models, according to McGrady, is pivotal in reaching body inclusivity.