Courteney Cox’s Daughter Is Following In Her Mother’s Footsteps!

Many people may not know, but Courteney Cox got a bit of a taste for fame in her pre-Friends, when she started out in a Bruce Springsteen music video! Back in the 80s, Cox was a bit of a small celebrity after she appeared in the music video for Springsteen’s song “Dancing in the Dark”

Photo taken from music video "Dancing in the dark"

Photo taken from music video "Dancing in the dark"

Not it looks like Courteney’s daughter is following a bit in her mom’s footsteps! Coco Arquette appears in the band MONOGEM’s video for their song “Wild”. This will be one of Cox’s daughter’s first on air debut. The music video also co-stars Matthew RC Taylor, and the basic plot of the video is a couple of friends going out for a fun night.

"The video is a dreamy and colorful story about two best friends. I thought it would be interesting to create a visual showing two young teenagers getting wild in their own unique way.  Amidst the kids' smokey, neon reality, the boy is cross dressing for the first time in a safe and comfortable environment without any judgment," MONOGEM said to LadyGunn. -via

It looks like Coco is making this appearance just like her successful momma did just a little over thirty years prior. Perhaps this could mean we may see more of Coco in the future? Maybe a Friend’s spin-off where Coco plays a young Monica? That’s probably not likely...but I’m still holding my breath people!