Contact Lens Case Habits We Need To Break

6 in 10 people wear contact lens or glasses. Being one myself let me tell you it is not easy. Wearing glasses gets in the way of wearing cute sunglasses or they are always sliding off your face. Then contact lens are so tedious to care for. However, I opt to using contacts and just like many of you I forget how crucial my contact lens case it to my healthy eye care routine. Here are four things many of us contact users do without even knowing they are doing them and how bad they are for them.

1. You don’t wash your hands before.

Before handling anything that has to do with our eyes lets wash our hands. By not doing so we are depositing microorganism from our hands onto or into it. these can cause serious irritation or worst, infection. Some warm water and mild soap can make a huge difference to your healthy eye care routine.

2. Not washing your case after each use. (or worst washing it with…water)

Would you shower in the same dirty water you showered in yesterday? I hope the answer to that was no. Jennifer Fogt, O.D., an associate professor in the College of Optometry at The Ohio State University, tells SELF. “Bacteria can get in there and grow, and if you’re not cleaning your case regularly, you’re just reintroducing that back into your contacts when you put them in the case at night.” Properly rinse your contact lens case with fresh solution and wipe down with a clean tissue.

3. Keeping the same raggedy contact case for more than 3 months.

LET IT GO! This one is something I actually do not do but seen plenty of people do. Your case could be building up bacteria and microorganisms your eyes can not see. So try buying yourself a four pack of cases for the year. You can do it every January and it will be a part of your way of getting ready for the New Year.

4. Topping off your old contact solution with new solution.

This is another one that I have seen a lot of my girlfriends doing. Like sis you are putting clean solution in your dirty contact case that already has dirty solution inside. By doing this Dr. Fogt say you are creating “an environment where you’re growing more stuff that’s bad for you in your case, putting your lens into it, and then putting that in your eye,”

Now are you willing to change these habits for the sake of your eyes. I know I sure am.