Chrissy Teigan Slams Twitter Trolls in the Best Way

Chrissy Teigan, the model and half of Hollywood’s most beautiful couple, is constantly making us say, “she is me.” Let’s be honest, Chrissy Teigan is as laid back as it gets, hilarious, and not at all afraid to be exactly who she is. This is especially apparent on her Twitter page where she is always making us laugh while fiercely standing up for herself and what she believes in at every turn. Teigan seemingly has become queen of the clapback and we absolutely love her for it.

Over the past few days she has had two of her most powerful responses to some of her Twitter “trolls”. Now more than ever, celebrities have been speaking out about the political issues facing our country. Chrissy Teigan took some of her 140 characters to cast her support for the ACLU and encouraging her followers to donate to them as she had.

One follower decided to comment on her tweets saying that rather than donating to the ACLU, she should let some of them into her home. Teigan took no time to respond to him and his cluelessness tweeting back at him, 

Chrissy Teigan’s mother is in fact a refugee and does live with her and her husband, John Legend. The twitter user was quick to delete his tweet however, not quick enough. Teigan took a screenshot of the tweet and shared it with her followers.

In another instance yesterday, Chrissy announced that the next baby she and John would be having would be a boy. She quickly followed up on this by reminding everyone that she uses IVF to get pregnant and the embryo she and John had left is a boy.

One twitter user, named Linda, jumped to a judgement asking Teigan if she “[gave] it a minute to try naturally” before she began to use IVF. Adding her question of whether Chrissy and John were “avoiding ‘the act’?” Teigan jumped right back calling Linda a “complete witch” and going on to explain that she “tried for about 9 years” before resorting to IVF.

Although some of her followers seem hasty to judge her, Chrissy Teigan takes it like a champ and reminds us all that it is perfectly okay (and at times pretty funny) to stand up for ourselves. She has no fear when it comes to snapping back at the “trolls” and for this we dub thee, “Chrissy Teigan: Queen of the Clapbacks.”