Chance the Rapper Models New “Thank You Obama” Clothing Line

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Former President Barack Obama may be out of the office officially, but it doesn’t mean we won’t stop seeing his name everywhere…perhaps even on t-shirts? Well apparently this is indeed a reality! It has just recently come into light that there is a new “Thank you Obama” fashion line created by Chicago designer Joe Freshgoods. He has released some photos of his collection modeled by Chicago based hip-hop star Chance the Rapper. A few of the styles include a “MALIA” shirt named after the former President’s eldest daughter, a basketball jersey, and even a shirt with “Barack n Michelle” written across two hearts honoring the couples marriage.

Chance the Rapper has been spotted with the former President a couple of times, such as singing jingle bells with him at the White House Tree Lighting Ceremony and attending the former president’s farewell party back in January. Barack Obama has even said that he considers Chance the Rapper one of his favorite rappers. Could it be perhaps that they are both from Chicago? Whatever it may be it’s still a pretty cool thing to have an entire line inspired by a figure such as Barack Obama. Although he has barely been out of office a month, it’s safe to say his influence has been missed deeply. On his side though, he looks to have been enjoying himself in the British Virgin Islands with his family! Perhaps he may be rocking one of those MALIA shirts pretty soon!

Photo taken from  Elle UK

Photo taken from Elle UK