Celebrities Tell Us The Best Advice Their Father's Gave Them

This past Sunday, Americans all across the country celebrated Father's Day. Which is a day to really show your appreciation for your Dad, or any man who has had a major impact on your life. You can always count on your Dad to give you advice, especially when you didn't ask for it! Here are some celebrities and the best advice they got from their Dad's.

Kate Mara
Actress Kate Mara's father gave her some advice that all young people can use in any work environment.

“The one that I sort of use every day, I guess, is just a good handshake because in this business, specifically, but I’m sure everybody meets new people on a daily basis, a firm handshake, I think, goes a long way. To this day there’s nothing worse than kind of a half-ass handshake from someone. I think it says a lot about your character.”

Mayim Bialik

Photo taken from Tumblr

Photo taken from Tumblr

Mayim Bialik, who you may recognize from Big Bang Theory, has learned a lot of lessons from her father. One of those lessons really came in handy now that she is an actress. 

“He taught me a lot of lessons. My dad had a really big personality, and he was a really gracious person. I don’t know if it’s a lesson in particular but it was a way that he was. He wasn’t afraid to let his big personality show, and sometimes that was a good thing and sometimes it was a bad thing. But when he walked into a room you knew it. That’s a powerful lesson, to see the presence of a person.”

Connie Nielsen
Wonder women actress Connie Nielsen's father gave her advice that every young girl needs to hear. Her father always said,

"You belong in that room. You can do whatever you want"

We hope all the Dads out there had a wonderful Father’s Day!!!