Celebrate National Lemon Juice Day

There is a little saying that goes, “when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” Today is National Lemon Juice Day and it is only right to celebrate all the great things about this pucker. It may be too harsh to taste on its own but its versatility is what makes some of our favorite drinks, dishes and homemade wellness concoctions.

Celebrating National Lemon Day is easy try making a full course meal with lemon as the main ingredient. Starting with your cocktail. A lemon drop is a great drink that’s not too sweet not too sour. Next, for the main plate maybe cook up with some lemon pepper wings and do not forget the ranch on the side. If you feeling fancier try making lemon garlic chicken, it is absolutely delicious. Finally end the meal with something sweet like a lemon meringue pie or lemon cookies.

Lemon is a vital part to the American pallet from iconic drinks like lemonade to the zest it adds to any seafood feast. This fruit goes beyond our typical American dishes, I have heard of people using the oils from lemon as insect repellant. One time me and sister even sprayed lemon juice as a safe alternative to bleaching. Our hair only changed 2-3 shades lighter from our jet black but it was an experience. Even Beyoncé shows her love for lemons with her 2016 album, Lemonade.No matter what you do today just remember lemon is a bright fruit that symbolizes happiness and optimism. This is the energy we should carry in our hearts today in honor of our favorite sour fruit.